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The Rogue & the Rogued: Amongst the Web Tacticians

The Rogue & the Rogued follows the histrionics of three of the medium's most celebrated tacticians: the webmasters of, and The story begins with the Brent Spar oil platform incident in the mid-1990s, when RTmark, Shell and Greenpeace all found themselves vying for presence in the same media space. Among the tactics discussed to gain attention in the clickstream are preferred placement, rogueing, splashing, framing, monitoring and strategic hyperlinking. In all the video shows how RTmark rogues Shell, Shell rogues Greenpeace, and Greenpeace rogues Shell.

PAL video, 24 Minutes (original): 31 Minutes (Nettime-TV version)

Video now available for download (.MP4, 147mb) or on DVD. Write to Richard Rogers for the DVD.
The video has been shown in the original form at:

Extended version shown on: See also: Noortje Marres, "De Schurken van het Web," Cimedart, February 2000.




The Rogue & the Rogued: Amongst the Web Tacticians
Video by the Design & Media Research Fellowship, Jan van Eyck Akademie, Maastricht, 1999/2000
Film by Stephanie Hankey
Interviews by Richard Rogers and Stephanie Hankey
Thanks to Noortje Marres, Gilberto Cutrupi (Greenpeace), Simon May (Shell) and Ernesto Delanda (Rtmark)
Footage courtesy of and
Nettime-TV version: Dutch subtitles by BELLISSIMA, Amsterdam